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16oz. LAST Record Preservative & Metering Pump

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Stop over-dispensing with the Metering Pump. Each pump dispenses .35 ml of preservative.

The LAST Factory will no longer be selling Metering Pumps, which dispense the perfect amount of preservative on the applicator for you. We have 8 left in stock, and as a special offer, we are including a free pump with the purchase of the 16oz size of LAST Record Preservative.  

Metering pumps are typically sold with large bottles for audiophiles who wish to treat a large number of records in a short period. This pump makes the whole process go faster, and keeps you from over-dispensing the preservative. Each pump measures out .35 ml of fluid on to the applicator.

LAST Record Preservative Completely Prevents Record Wear

Industry-acclaimed treatment that prevents the development of annoying pops and clicks and maintains “as new” condition for 200 plays or more. This large bottle is handy for large collections exceeding 600 vinyl records.

Included in the Package:

16oz Record Preservative

3 ml Transfer Pipette

43 sheets of LAST Dot Stickers

10 Microfiber Applicators

Metering Pump

LAST Record Preservative has been universally applauded by the super-critical reviewers and editors of audio publications. New records treated with LAST Record Preservative and kept clean can be played 100’s of times without discernible wear–allowing them to be in pristine condition for future generations.   
LAST Record Preservative chemically enhances the molecular stability, and therefore the cohesiveness of the groove surface so that it completely resists the damaging effects of stylus shock waves.   

The 30-second treatment affects the vinyl to a depth of about ten molecular layers and becomes part of the groove wall. There are no surface residues that can be picked up by the stylus. In fact, overuse is harmless.

Treats 680-720 vinyl records (both sides).

Note: Your bottle of preservative will not spoil. Our samples from 37 years ago are still good and show no signs of deterioration upon chemical testing.

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