Heritage Gift Set


1 Anchor Hocking Pyrex Mug, made in 1983

1 Leatherette Box, made in 1983

LAST Record Preservative & All-Purpose Record Cleaner Kit

  • 2 oz. LAST Record Preservative
  • 2 oz. All-Purpose Record Cleaner
  • 4 Microfiber Applicators
  • 1 Pipette
  • 5 Sheets of LAST Dot Stickers


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A happy accident at our warehouse has allowed us to offer this very limited edition gift set to our website customers. This set includes our popular LAST Record Preservative/Cleaner Kit in an original 1983 leatherette box, and a vintage LAST Coffee Cup. These are not reproductions. When our employees reorganized the warehouse they stumbled on 3 boxes of old promotional coffee cups. Manufactured in 1983 by Anchor Hocking (Lancaster Ohio), these milk glass pyrex cups were given out at trade shows. 

Long-time fans of LAST will remember our leatherette holders. Many years ago we had to discontinue using these boxes because our bottle supplier stopped making the flat-sided amber glass model that fit into the compartments. After a fruitless search the company switched to the Boston Round bottle style, which was the wrong shape. But now the flat bottles are back in production, and there is much rejoicing at the Factory. 

We have decided to pair our Last Cups with the Leatherette Kit and offer them as a gift set. Since there are only 75 cups this is a very limited edition product, and is only available for purchase here on our website. So put on a record, sip some coffee, and indulge in some serious ’80s nostalgia. And act soon, because when they are gone, they’re gone!

Cups are microwave/dishwasher safe. The Leatherette kit is almost identical to the original product, with the exception being the clear precision pipette: the black rubber pipette tended to leak and was discontinued. To be clear, the leatherette box is from 1983, but the bottles and fluids inside are new.

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