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Problem with Digi-LAST CD protective shield, how to remove? -P.H.

I’m writing from Australia. Several (many?) years ago I purchased and applied your Digi-LAST CD protective shields quite successfully. In those days my CD players all had “drawers” that opened and into which you placed the CD.

Nowadays however, many CD players including this PC, my Car CD player and, most recently, a new high-end stereo system (with a very high-end price) all have a different mechanism into which you ”push” the CD and the device grabs and loads it.

And the new expensive stereo decided to get jammed with the CD, because it had that extra layer of thickness. Fortunately, it was removed under warranty but I’ve now been advised that I need to remove the protective layers, or others will also likely cause the same problem again.

So, with apologies for the rather long preamble, please tell me how to remove the protective shield and remove any residue left. Thanks in advance . . .P.H.

I regret that you are having a problem.  This has not occurred before – I will do some tests immediately.  In the mean time, the LAST CD Shields do not use an adhesive, therefore there should be no residue on the disc after the shield is removed.  When the shield is put in place, the only adhering force is electrostatic attraction between the shield and the disc itself.  That said, it is possible that the shield and the disc’s acrylic overlay (on the label side of the disc) may have interacted.  Therefore, I am recommending separating the shield from the disc under a slowly running faucet with slightly warm water.  When the water is directed right at the line of separation, it should neutralize any static attraction and allow a clean separation from the disc without any residue.  Try this operation on a trial basis and then report back.  I will be doing the same and will send a message to you with my findings.

Again, I regret the problem has occurred!

Kindest regards, Walter

First, thanks for such a prompt response. I really appreciate such great service. (I truly do). I carefully lifted one edge and it lifted easily and the LAST CD shield came off easily and without any of the CD’s label.

So I’m delighted.

I can now play one of my favorite Supertramp albums to my heart’s content, thank goodness.(Guess I’ve just revealed to you something about my likely age . . .)

Thanks again and best regards, P.H.

Many thanks for the feedback.  I do appreciate it.  Since my last message I have been knocked out by the flu bug, and am now starting to return to activity.  Very pleased that the “fix” went well. Enjoy your music.  In turn I’ll reveal something about my age.  When I was growing up, recorded music was available ONLY on 78 rpm shellac records.
All the Best, Walter