LAST Tape Head Treatment

LAST SYSTEM FORMULA 9 TAPE HEAD TREATMENT is engineered to improve the interface between tape and tape heads. One application prior to each play, offers sonic benefits for the duration of the play, no build-up, and there are hundreds of applications per bottle.


  • Reduces tape stiction and scrape flutter
  • Measurably reduces IM distortion
  • Reduces drop-outs
  • Extends the life of record and playback heads
  • Improves high frequency response
  • Improves signal to noise ratio


The first step in the treatment of your system is to make sure the tape environment is clean. SYSTEM FORMULA 9 TAPE HEAD TREATMENT (SF9) is ideal for this purpose.

1. Mark one of the swabs for use as a cleaning swab.
2. Use the applicator brush (installed in the cap) to apply a few drops of SF9 to the swab.
3. Clean the contact surface of all heads and guides.
4. Whenever cleaning is necessary, use this same cleaning swab. Consistent use of SYSTEM FORMULA 9 will maintain a cleaner tape environment thus extending the number of playing hours between required cleanings.

NOTE: Keep TAPE PRESERVATIVE out of the reach of children.



1. Use the applicator brush to transfer a few drops of solution to a treatment swab (unmarked).
2. Treat all surfaces of the heads and guides that come into contact with the tape. NOTE: DO NOT APPLY TREATMENT TO PINCH ROLLER OR CAPSTANS. These surfaces require high frictional properties to function properly.
3. When finished, replace swab in the original package to keep it clean and dust free.

For maximum benefit, use LAST System Formula 9 Tape Head Treatment prior to every tape pass. One treatment will last the length of the tape.