LAST Tape Head Treatment

LAST TAPE HEAD TREATMENT is engineered to improve the interface between tape and tape heads. One application prior to each play offers sonic benefits for the duration of the play, no build-up, and there are hundreds of applications per bottle.


  • Reduces tape stiction and scrape flutter
  • Measurably reduces IM distortion
  • Reduces drop-outs
  • Extends the life of record and playback heads
  • Improves high frequency response
  • Improves signal to noise ratio


TAPE HEAD TREATMENT is to be used after cleaning the tape heads and capstans. Your kit contains ¼ Ounce LAST TAPE HEAD TREATMENT FLUID and 4 swabs.

  1. Access the tape heads of the machine.
  2. Clean tape path, heads, guides and capstan(s) with your favorite head cleaning solution. Isopropyl alcohol above 90% is fine.
  3. Dry off excess cleaning solution from the tape path, using one of the swabs in the kit.
  4. Open the TAPE HEAD TREATMENT bottle, and use the in-cap brush to apply a few drops of solution to the swab. Replace the cap.
  5. Apply the treated swab to the tape path on the heads. Treat all surfaces of the heads and guides that come into contact with the tape. NOTE: DO NOT APPLY TREATMENT TO PINCH ROLLER OR CAPSTANS. These surfaces require high frictional properties to function properly.
  6. Return the reusable swab to its plastic protector.
  7. Load deck with tape – the machine is now ready to go.


NOTE: Keep TAPE PRESERVATIVE out of the reach of children