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Can I use STYLAST on an Ortofon Quintet Black Cartridge? -M.S.

My new setup is a VPI Scout 1.1 w/ an Ortofon Quintet Black Cartridge.  Ortofon does not recommend (voids their Warranty, whatever that means)  the use of your Stylus Products which I have using for many years now(since the late 80’s).  My previous setup was a Dennon DP 59L w/ a Monster Cable Alpha Genisis 1000 Cartridge of which has played many wonderful Hrs of vinyl music and is still going strong. 
Please let me know if I can continue using your Products with this new Cartridge and enjoy the same level of confidence as with my previous package.    
Sincerely M.S.
Ortofon recommends against using stylus cleaners that contain alcohol (as do other cartridge manufacturers).  LAST Stylus Cleaner and STYLAST Stylus Treatment do not contain any alcohol or other component that can adversely affect the stylus suspension, cantilever, adhesives, diamond, or damping components.  Ortofon makes some of the most respected, highly rated, and musical cartridges for the music lover.  It might be useful to to contact them directly.  You are welcome to include my response in your communication with them.
The LAST Factory has never had a customer experience a cartridge or stylus failure in 35 years of making record and stylus care products.  I think that you could expect the same level of quality and performance that you have had with LAST products in the past.
Thank you for your query.  The Scout 1.1 and the Quintet Black should be an exceptionally involving and engaging piece of equipment.  Enjoy your library of records to the fullest!
Best regards, Walter Davies