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How/when do I use the separate Black Brush in the Stylus Treatment kit? -M.W.

This is probably a dumb question, but I bought your Stylus Cleaner and also the Stylus Treatment. They seem to work well, but I am curious as to the purpose of the included carbon bristle brush, The instructions say to use the application brush attached to the cleaner cap, and make now mention of the separate brush.
Am I supposed to use that periodically for a more thorough cleaning? M.W.
This not a dumb question.  The question is “Why wasn’t the instruction sheet for the Black Brush included in the package?”   
If a period of time passed before a thorough stylus cleaning operation is undertaken, a ball of sticky, black,material may have built up on the body of the diamond tip.  Playing records with that contamination in place can heat it so that it partially polymerises and can become difficult to remove.  In which case, the in-cap brush can apply a drop of the Stylus Cleaner to the fiber face of the black brush.  That is then brought up from beneath the stylus until the tip is buried in the brush fibers.  Then gently pull the brush toward you (away from the tone arm pivot).  This step can be repeated as necessary, without adding additional fluid.  The cleaning fluid along with the mechanical action of the closely packed fibers, can safely and effectively loosen and help remove the tenacious ball of tarry gunk.
The other circumstance involves a situation in which a fluffy ball of loosely bound, grey (or whitish) fibers or dust has accumulated on the diamond tip.  Then the Black Brush may be used  as a dry cleaner to quickly and safely remove the loose contamination.
Thank you for your query.  I regret that you had to write, but hope the above helps.
With best regards, Walter Davies