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Do I use the Stylast brush wet or dry? -J.W.

I’ve been using your Stylast for a few years and recently unearthed a small brush that’s your make. Does it need to be used dry or wet?
Regards, J.W.

The purpose of the brush is twofold.  If there is a small, fluffy, accumulation of dry , powdery dust on the stylus tip, the brush can be used dry.  Just bring it up to the stylus from below, until just the tip is buried in the bristles.  The bring the brush gently toward you (away from the tonearm pivot), and the brush will safely remove the contamination.

In the case where there is hard, baked on (or pyrolysed) contamination, the brush can be used with LAST Stylus Cleaner (or similar compound) applied wet to the top of the bristle cluster, as described above.

Regular and consistent use of Stylast almost eliminates the need for the wet cleaning step.

Thank you for your query, Walter Davies