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How do you “triple-filter” your water (Typ-III) in your RCM fluid? Do I need Typ-III to dilute it?

[paraphrase] …A customer is curious about the use of Typ-III water (triple filtered) in your RCM fluid. You also say in the instructions that triple filtered water should be used in the Record cleaning machine. Is Typ-I three times filtered? Which grade of water can I use to dilute the fluid?



Dear B,

I sincerely hope that I can provide an explanation that is comprehensive and understandable. The reality is that there are two questions that need full answers:

We use Typ-lll water in the manufacture and mixing of all chemistries that require water as part of the formula.  We have an in-house water treatment plant that provides Typ-lll water.  Some uses or formulas require Typ-lll level of water processing because of standards or regulations.  We use Typ-lll in the manufacture of RCM Fluid, because that is what we use for everything.  The formula for RCM Fluid does not require Typ-lll – however we have only one water system installed.  Therefore, we use what our plant produces.  However, that does not mean that Typ-lll water is required to dilute the concentrate which is sent to you.  Typ-l water that is supplied in single use, plastic jugs, is entirely safe and effective for use with RCM Concentrate and will not compromise its quality or performance.

The water plant used at The LAST Factory consists of multiple ion exchange columns with multi stages of filtering and a final filtering step of .2 microns.  This produces 18 meg-ohm water which is equivalent to triple distillation/filtering.  That is why we are able to claim the purity of the source water used in RCM Fluid.

I hope this information helps resolve any questions.


Walter D.