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Is the All-purpose Record Cleaner safe for shellac records? How to remove palmitic acid?

Do you have a product to clean shellac records?

What about removing palmitic acid from lacquers (transcription discs)?

Kind regards, – J.V.D.


Dear Mr. V. D,

LAST All-Purpose Record Cleaner will do a beautiful cleaning job on shellac records. It contains no component that can harm shellac discs.

I have not used palmitic acid and am not familiar with it’s properties. As a highly saturated, fatty acid, it’s use on transcription discs could be expected as a surface lubricant when playing the records. Another possibility is it’s use as a release agent if the lacquer was intended to be a “master” from which subsequent molding cavities are made for injection molded records (similar to manufacturing LP Vinyl records).

For lacquer discs, some testing could be accomplished using a 50% mixture of pure water and reagent grade Isopropyl Alcohol. Pick a small area close to the record label, and using a “Q-tip” or similar small cotton swab, apply a very small amount of the mixture to the surface of the record. If the area does become clean after the experimental treatment, listen to determine if there is any sonic affect (either good or bad).

Best regards,
Walter Davies