It is recommended that you first clean the shiny side of the Compact disc with LAST® CD/DVD CLEANER TREATMENT

  1. Place CD/DVD in its case, label side up. If no case available place CD/DVD on top of a soft cloth on a firm surface.
  2. Peel DIGI-LAST™ PROTECTIVE SHIELD from its paper backingpdf_cd
  3. Center DIGI-LAST™ PROTECTIVE SHIELD over the CD/DVD (label side). Gently lower shield into place.
  4. To secure shield in place, move finger in gentle straight-line motions from the center to the outer edge of the CD.
  5. The DIGI-LAST™ PROTECTIVE SHIELDS statically adhere to the surface of the CD/DVD and can be easily removed with luke warm water. After shield is dry it can be reapplied to another CD/DVD.
  6. Keep CD/DVD Protective shields out of reach of children.

Why use DIGI-LAST™ Protective Shields
on the label side of CD/DVD?