Instructions to apply the LAST CD/DVD Cleaner & Treatment spray:

Hold cd by edges, spray shiny side lightliy
Hold disc by edges, spray shiny side lightly
  1. Uncap the dispenser bottle.
  2. Remove optical buffer cloth from plastic bag.
  3. Pick up CD/DVD by edges, with shiny side up (label side down).
  4. Hold CD/DVD Cleaner & Treatment bottle about 8 inches from the CD/DVD. Lightly mist the shiny side of the CD/DVD for each treatment.
  5. Use optical buffer cloth to clean and polish the disc surface. Buff in straight-line motions form the center to the outer edge of the CD/DVD until it is completely dry and polished. (Do not buff in circular motions).
  6. For repair of scuff abrasions and minor scratches, repeat steps 4 and 5. Treatment can be reapplied several times.
  7. Buff with cloth, moving straigh outward to the edges, not in a circle
    Buff with cloth, moving straight outward to the edges, not in a circle

    Reapply CD/DVD Cleaner & Treatment whenever there is evidence of surface contamination, dust, fingerprints or poor playback quality.
  8. For additional surface protection try our DIGI-LAST™ PROTECTIVE SHIELDS.
  9. Keep CD/DVD Treatment out of the reach of children.