Instructions for All-Purpose Record Cleaner

  • Place record on its record sleeve or on a clean firm surface.
  • Place only 3 drops of ALL-PURPOSE RECORD CLEANER on the applicator.
  • Spread the fluid drops evenly by moving the bottle nozzle back and forth across the applicator. Do not dispense more cleaner. Recap the bottle.
  • Clean record by wiping applicator in a sweeping motion. Follow the grooves around the record at least two full times.  Collect dust particles onto the applicator.

    RC Application steps
    Apply 3 drops, spread with neck of cap, sweep around record

If record is excessively dirty use applicator to pick up debris every quarter turn of the record.  Brush debris from applicator.

  • Rub dust off applicator against bottle cap ridges
    Rub dust off applicator against bottle cap ridges

    Remove dust from applicator velvet with a brush or by wiping with the bottle cap ridges.

  • If excessive ALL-PURPOSE RECORD CLEANER is applied and spots of residue form, blot applicator dry and re-clean the record.

To further protect your records, treat with LAST® RECORD PRESERVATIVE.

Keep LAST® products out of the reach of children.

Watch a demonstration of the record cleaning process:


How to clean LAST® Applicators

 LAST applicators can become dirty and contaminated in the process of cleaning records.  They may be easily cleaned as follows.

Soak dirty applicators for a few minutes in a shallow container of water and a few drops of dish-washing detergent.  Remove the applicators and gently rub the velvet faces together to dislodge soil.  Rinse under running water, blot dry.