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The most trusted maker of cleaners and preservatives for audio media.

The LAST Factory products clean and preserve records, styli, magnetic tape and CDs/DVDs. LAST preservation fluids provide protection from damage both by wear and deterioration. Combined with LAST Factory cleaners they provide a complete audio treatment family. The LAST Factory is unique in the industry in providing scientifically-developed record, stylus and tape preservatives. Treat them and keep them forever.

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Praise from Respected Audio Professionals and Reviewers

‘Last Record Preservative – ‘There is no alternative here. Last record preservative, created, patented and sold by the Last company, changes the structure of the record at the molecular level when you apply it. (to a level of about 10 molecules deep they say, …) As Art Linkletter used to say, “I heartily endorse this product”.’ – “How I Clean A Record”


“While I am on the subject, let me enthusiastically recommend the LAST products. Now that records are rarities, preservation is more important than ever. The LAST products work, and they improve the sound too. This was all covered years ago in TAS. Tam Henderson reviewed LAST enthusiastically in Issue 20 and Dave Wilson verified the improvements from Stylast by measurements in Issue 32. It’s still true, and the LAST people are still here. These are indispensable products for the vinyl listener.” – Michael FremerSpring 1994, The Absolute Sound Magazine


“A very revealing test for LAST is to treat only the first half of a record cut, and then while playing that cut, try to determine where the treated groove section ends, and the untreated portion beings – without looking at the position of the cartridge on the record cut. After trying this simple test and after having heard the effects of LAST on other discs, many audiophiles are able to detect whether a record has been treated with LAST, even though they have never listened to that record before.”Len Hupp, Spring 1981, Audio Horizons