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My bottle of preservative is rectangular. Is it really old, or maybe a fake? -D.

I have been using Last products for decades and just received a new 2oz bottle from Amazon in rectangular glass bottle. This is the first time I have seen this and can’t find a photo of a similar bottle on the web. Are you now shipping using new bottles?
Thanks, De.
Thank you for your message.  A number of things are amiss.  Rectangular bottles have not been used since the early 90’s, because the manufacturer no longer made a bottle with that profile.  The current transfer pipette is small (total vol. 1.5 ml) and just over 4 inches long.  The LAST dots are sent as 5 sheets, each 2 x 8, for a total of 80 Dots.  The current (at least 10 years design) is a black ink logo (LAST) on a bright, shiny (not matt) silver substrate.  Also, for the last ~ 8 years, every package has on it’s back, a bar code (for use with scanners at a check out location).  The line “System Formula Series” was used with the original rectangular bottle.  With the change to the newer (Boston Round style) bottle, the label had to be made shorter, so the phrase was removed from its place on the Preservative bottle label.

From your description, I think that you have received a genuine article, but one that is very oldThe chemistry is still perfectly usable, but the dots, pipette, and instruction sheet are very old.  That pipette was in use years ago (fill only to the top of the initial flared section (.3 ml).  It is still used with the 8 oz. and 16 oz. bottles because it is long enough to reach the bottom of the (taller) bottles.

Amazon does not sell our products directly (we are not an Amazon provider).  But there are several large brick and mortar stores with substantial Internet sales that sell through Amazon.  The name of the original store should have been disclosed in the Amazon offering.  You should contact the store and request a new, full set of LAST Dots, a current transfer pipette, and instruction sheet.

If you can determine the Name of the original store, we would appreciate knowing that information.  We would contact them and offer to trade current inventory for any old stock that they may have.  It is also possible that a “Surplus Inventory” outfit purchased product from a store that has gone out of business.  If you have time, we would appreciate any information that you uncover.

Sincerely, Walter Davies