The LAST Factory

A place for audiophiles to learn about the preservation of vintage media

The LAST Factory makes products that clean and preserve old media like vinyl records, magnetic tape and CDs/DVDs. Our preservation fluids actually change the structure of the media to harden it, or in the case of magnetic tape, provide a protective layer against deterioration by humidity. 


Welcome to our new website!

We have moved most of our content to this new website because there is so much to learn about the way old media is constructed, and how to maintain it. For years people have written Walter, the owner of The Last Factory, asking questions about their systems and how to optimize the audio quality of their systems.  We didn’t know how to fit it all into our old website.

Only our Store remains on the old website. You can order our products just like before. But everything else is on our new platform here. Explore our Product Instructions, and also our articles about preserving vinyl records, tapes, and cds. This is also the place to ask Walter questions about your own record collections and sound systems. Check out our forums where many of your questions about vintage media may have already been asked.

What is the number one question we get?

“My bottle of your product is really old, like more than 20 years old. How long do your products last?”

The answer is that all of our bottles of preservation and cleaning fluids are STILL GOOD. LAST products have not yet spoiled. We have samples that are now 37 years old with no measurable change or degradation. Just keep the bottle cap tight so it doesn’t evaporate.

Our products get great reviews by professional studios,  audio magazines and audio websites. 

‘Last Record Preservative – ‘There is no alternative here. Last record preservative, created, patented and sold by the Last company, changes the structure of the record at the molecular level when you apply it. (to a level of about 10 molecules deep they say, making it much harder) It is not a wax or coating as many people wrongly believe, but rather causes an organic chemical reaction whereupon it and the vinyl become one. As Art Linkletter used to say, “I heartily endorse this product”.’

– “How I Clean A Record”

For decades our products have been recommended by critics in high-end audio magazines. 

“While I am on the subject, let me enthusiastically recoment the LAST products. Now that records are rarities, preservation is more important than ever. The LAST products work, and they improve the sound too. This was all covered years ago in TAS. Tam Henderson reviewed LAST enthusiastically in Issue 20 and Dave Wilson verified the improvements from Stylast by measurements in Issue 32. It’s still true, and the LAST people are still here. These are indispensible products for the vinyl listener.”

– Michael FremerSpring 1994, The Absolute Sound Magazine